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Helen Jeffs, Executive Manager Business Development Marathon Health


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Do you know your value proposition? Would you like to be known as a great place to work? Or stand out from your competitors on a shoestring budget?  

FC Marketing specialises in helping great organisations strengthen their brands and workplace culture, keep great staff and attract more of their ideal customers.


If your mission includes building stronger, more inclusive local communities, then our mission is to support you.


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With great case studies and interviews, Fran’s new book, Workplace Culture and the NDIS, outlines a marketer’s approach to organisational change. Her 5 step process builds an authentic, living brand and a high performance, values based culture.

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The companion Workbook (PDF only) includes practical exercises, templates and videos to help you apply Fran’s methodology.

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“Insightful and practical. This is an important book. It adds considerable value to the reader allowing them to use this resource at the coal face of day-to-day organisational development.”

- Prof. David J Gilchrist



Hear inspiring stories and case studies 

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Create a targeted Marketing Action Plan that works

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An intensive 1 day workshop for your Culture Champions

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Former CEO,

Westhaven Ltd

“Fran is an insightful and passionate advocate for the work that NGOs do that makes so many disadvantaged people’s lives better.”