"Fran is an insightful and passionate advocate for the work that NGOs do..."

Who's Fran

Strategic Marketer, Facilitator, Author, Mum, Artist and Learner.


At school I had what you might call a low boredom threshold. I launched my first business at 15, selling the “best tanning lotion you’ve ever tried” only to be suspended four weeks later for being “a disruptive influence”. It was an extremely successful, exciting business for an extremely short period. I learnt the critical importance of engaging key stakeholders for a strategy to succeed. 


After getting a BA (Ec.), my early working life included five years learning how to create an unbeatable customer experience at David Jones while completing a postgrad marketing course at night.  I learnt that just because someone else can spout marketing jargon it doesn’t mean they actually understand the market they face or the customer they serve.


My first career included 14 years in the most volatile market of all, the toy industry, as a Buyer and Group Product Manager. At Hasbro I was responsible for the purchasing and marketing of all promotional toys in Australia.  I learnt that nothing sells like genuine passion and a relentless belief in the value of what you do.


“I lived, ate, slept, and breathed my brands. When I was managing Cabbage Patch Kids I had a kid named Lucille in the front passenger seat of my car for six months. When I managed GI Joe, I had a miniature Tiger Shark helicopter hanging from the roof in my office and an action figure pilot suspended from a parachute over my desk” (How to Thrive under the NDIS).


And I loved it all - until I became a mum. Suddenly, toys lost their lustre. They just didn’t excite me anymore and my career took a sharp, right angle turn towards marketing and fundraising for great causes.  


I created FC Marketing so I could work with the people I wanted to work with and be the sort of parent I wanted to be. (My daughter had her first volunteering job as a four-year-old planting trees for Landcare.)


As long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about building wonderful brands that people wanted to be part of, to engage with and even belong to.  Whether that was Cabbage Patch Kids, GI Joe or Landcare Australia, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme, the Royal Hospital for Women, Windgap Foundation or TAD Disability Services.


Over the last 20 years I’ve been privileged to work with some fantastic, inspiring clients doing stuff I absolutely love! Finally, in 2016 I self-published my first book for a sector that personally means the world to me. I’ve learnt that everyone has a purpose and if you can align that purpose with the work you do then amazing things happen.


These days I’m happiest when I’m running workshops, presenting to groups or using my skills to help great organisations attract great people (new talent, customers and supporters). So if your mission is to build stronger, more inclusive communities, then I’d love to help.






We aim to truly understand how things look and feel from the client’s viewpoint by asking the right questions and listening for the answers.


“Understanding your customers’ needs, wants and problems as they see them and as they articulate them.” 



We strive for honesty and authenticity in all interactions because communication should never be in doubt. Only through open dialogue, and a clear understanding of our goals and transparent processes can we ensure robust outcomes.


“Think relationships, not transactions.” 



We aspire to build stronger, more resilient communities where people with disabilities and the aged are visible, independent, and supported. This begins by ensuring every individual has access to a genuine choice of quality organisations of all sizes providing 'communities of support' around their needs, ambitions and dreams.


“Know how to share and how to listen.”



We seek to surprise and delight with new ideas, engaging programs and fabulous products that consistently go beyond all prior expectations.


“How you innovate should be a natural extension of your organisation’s mission.”

Nov 2008. The most fun I ever had at a Melbourne Cup lunch - my first disability client Windgap Foundation.

Feb 2016. I finally felt like an author

the day this book arrived at my home.

April 2019. Our Culture Masterclass

in Adelaide sold out in 48 Hours.

A fantastic group. Thanks Adelaide!


Former CEO,

Westhaven Ltd

“Fran is an insightful and passionate advocate for the work that NGOs do that makes so many disadvantaged people’s lives better.”


M: 0419 479 531

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