“Fran has assisted us to shape a culture grounded in clear values that drive everyone’s behaviours.”

The Bringing the Brand Alive Program is built on the concept that every employee is a living, breathing representative of your brand. Version 2.0 includes new updates to address the impacts of Covid-19 on workplace culture.

Why workplace culture?

Bringing the Brand Alive [2.0]


This fully customised culture building program follows a rigorous process comprising background research, confidential 1:1 interviews across every part of the business and in-house workshops.


The tangible deliverables are:

  • An independent ‘Culture Assessment Report’ of your current workplace culture identifying the key issues and insights to unblock performance.

  • A practical ‘Culture Action Plan’ developed in collaboration with your people.

  • An authentic Employee Value Proposition developed by your people.


Program Benefits 

  • An engaging culture program that taps into the passions and talents of your people to inspire performance

  • A proven values driven approach for building highly motivated teams

  • Learn practical ways to improve listening skills, communication skills and collaboration 

  • Gain new tools for maintaining team cohesion

  • Staff ownership of the vision, mission, brand and values

  • High value deliverables tailored for your organisation.

  • Optional follow-up sessions to support long term outcomes.

How to Register

Bookings open Monday, 1st March 2021. Places are confirmed in order of deposit date. Capacity is limited to maintain program integrity. It will be available Australia wide subject to Covid-19 travel restrictions. For more information email Fran Connelley:

What our clients are saying:

Mel Kubisa, CEO, Community Living Options SA

“We collaborated to create a real Action Plan with values based, culture driven content. I’d rate it a 10/10.”

– Mandy Zankar, HR Director, Vivid Vic. 



“The work we did with Fran has changed our view of ourselves and assisted us to shape a workplace culture which is grounded in clear organisation-wide values that drive everyone’s behaviours.”

- Philip Petrie, CEO, Allevia NSW


“Fran has given our organisation the confidence to focus on supporting our staff through one of the biggest culture change processes in our organisation’s history. If Fran says it, do it.”

Jess Brown, Group Manager Business Growth, Marathon Health NSW

M: 0419 479 531

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