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The Strategic Marketing Program



Does your organisation know its unique value proposition? 

Do your staff know how to explain who you are and what makes you different?

Do you offer the same services and market them in the same ways as your competitors?


In today’s non-profit sector it’s very easy to waste a lot of money on mainstream marketing tactics with little return. When every dollar counts, you need to KNOW what makes you different and you need to be able to articulate that message for every audience, deliver it via the right channel - and measure the outcome!


Smarter marketing begins with your customer - their needs, problems, fears and frustrations.  The messages you craft and the channels you choose are determined by the customer. 


However, in this sector, the customer is not looking for a transaction.  They are looking for someone they can trust. This means that every staff member is now a marketer.


So, if you’re a CEO, you need every staff member to ‘own’ the strategy and ‘live’ the brand on a daily basis. It also means being totally clear on your mission, your value proposition and, most importantly, understanding your customer.


So, to address these issues I took my 20+ years’ experience and customised it to the needs of CEOs, culminating in a 4 step process that identifies your ideal market niche, strengthens your internal and external brand and results in a practical Action Plan that works.



A Proven 4 Step Process


Solid research is the springboard for great strategic advice, so this 4 step process begins with primary and secondary research. We then customise the process to suit your specific market. Our workshops are highly engaging and extremely practical. The entire program takes 5-6 weeks.

Almost a week since our training and the team are still buzzing with excitement for the future.  A huge thank you to both Eimer and yourself for starting us on our journey.

Belinda Colombrita | CEO 
McCall Gardens



Step 1. Research

Review local market data, your Strategic Plan, existing marketing materials and conduct 1:2:1 interviews (2-3 weeks).


Step 2. Brand Strategy

In this workshop we generate team ownership of the vision, the mission and the brand. We redefine basic marketing concepts to remove the jargon and empower the team. (1 day)

Step 3. Growth Strategy

In this workshop we identify your value proposition (& explain why it REALLY matters), your key target markets, messages and the most effective channels. Your team begins to build the Action Plan. (2 days)


Step 4. The Strategic Marketing Plan

You get a 12 month Marketing Action Plan and Brand Strategy. This becomes a working document.

What you get


  1. A Strategic Marketing Plan and 12 month Action Plan tailored to suit your specific market(s).

  2. A clear, easy to action Brand Strategy that builds the internal and external brand.

  3. Team buy-in and ownership of the marketing function.


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